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“The magic of theatre has fascinated me since I was a child; growing up, I fell hopelessly in love with it, and now I can’t live without it. With the eyes and the enthusiasm of that child, today I dedicate my energy and attention to the daily work of my Foundation, creating valuable relationships and contacts between artists and different cultures.”

Claudia Lombardi 

The Fondazione Claudia Lombardi per il teatro was created in 2016 from the founder's desire to give a concrete form to her passion for theatre, contemporary dramaturgy, work with young professionals and support of their artistic growth.

In the first two years of its existence, the Foundation has dedicated itself completely to the conception, development and production of testinscena®, an annual competition of unpublished contemporary dramaturgy texts in Italian aimed at young professional theatre companies with registered offices in Switzerland or Lombardy.

From the experience gained in these first years of the Foundation's existence, it has become clear that young companies need to be able to benefit from logistical support as well as having affordable work spaces where they can carry out rehearsal periods and artistic residencies in order to prepare their projects.

The Foundation does not produce or co-produce shows.

The Fondazione Claudia Lombardi per il teatro is an autonomous Foundation as defined by article 80, following the Swiss Civil Code, legally domiciled in the Collina d’Oro, under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Interior Department.

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Since 2018, with the purchase of the former youth hostel in Lugano-Figino, the Foundation's activity has become even more intense, and today it carries on the following projects:

Càsoro teatro lab: a project for the benefit of the independent scene and young professional companies, which aims to become a place of reference for the new dramaturgy at national and international level.

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testinscena® competition: created in 2017, this competition allows young independent and/or emerging theatre companies from Italian-speaking Switzerland and Lombardy to participate with original projects of new dramaturgy in Italian and rewards the winning company with a cash prize and several opportunities for support and distribution.

The competition aims to provide theatre companies with useful tools to increase the quality of their artistic production and to find distribution, as well as to unravel the maze of administrative procedures.

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Events: the Foundation organizes a cultural program and entertainment events involving the population and opening its spaces to anyone who loves art and appreciates its purpose.

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Accounting: The accounting work for the Foundation is done by ManFid SA of Lugano. The Foundation Board is the governing body of the Foundation and is responsible for the financial management of the Foundation.

Auditing Office: The annual financial account of the Foundation is audited by Pluriaudit SA of Lugano, which prepares the audit report sent to the proper authorities.

PLURIAUDIT SA is a member of EXPERTsuisse and is recognized by the Autorità federale di sorveglianza dei revisori (ASR), Federal Audit Oversight Authority FAOA, as an licensed auditor (registration number 501255).

The Fondazione Claudia Lombardi per il teatro is a member of:

Premio-Schweiz: a national Swiss organisation  for the support of young theatre and dance companies.

Passiv member of t. Professionisti dello spettacolo Svizzera