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The Friends of Càsoro Association promotes and supports the cultural events of the Fondazione Claudia Lombardi per il teatro.

It is an Association that has at its heart a deep appreciation for our region, for culture, for theatre and for young people. To become a part of this group means embracing a community who shares a passion for the arts; it’s an act of love for a place and a patrimony belonging to everyone.



Being a member means…

• actively participating in the cultural and artistic events of the Foundation

• benefitting from discounts on ticket price for events organized at the Foundation headquarters in Càsoro

• receiving exclusive tickets to the finals of the testinscena® competition

attend the rehersals of artists in residence

talk and dine with performers after the shows

• being an invited guest for cocktails at Teatro Foce on the occasion of the testinscena® winning theatre project’s debut

• having free access to one show of the season

• sharing many future experiences with us


Free ticket!

The Foundations invites all members to attend a performance of the show "# nuovipoveri" for free, on Wednesday 20 March 2024

Tickets are limited, to book please contact








By joining together, we truly can contribute to the development of young artists and give voice and space to culture and the arts.

Your benefits:

Benefits vary depending on the membership level. Click here to see the full benefits and membership levels available.


Our first years in numbers:



For any other information, we are here. Please don’t hesitate to call or write; we are happy to answer any questions. And if you would like, please stop by to get a closer look at the work we do.