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Theatre and culture straddling the border.

From Friday 12 to Sunday 21 July 2019
Lugano-Figino - Morcote - Porto Ceresio

KARAKORUM TEATRO e FONDAZIONE CLAUDIA LOMBARDI PER IL TEATRO present a theatre project in the three towns of Lugano-Figino (CH), Morcote (CH) and Porto Ceresio (I).

Three professional actors - Laura Zeolla, Stefano Beghi and Marco Di Stefano - will reside on location for a week, and in each of the towns each artist will work on themes that are important for a border region: work in Porto Ceresio, migration in Càsoro (Lugano-Figino) and language in Morcote.

At the end of the project, three site-specific performances will come to life as three chapters of one great story that will showcase the history and community around Lake Ceresio. Memories, stories, trades and conflicts of local people will come to life in the same location were they were first born.

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