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This page contains all necessary information on the current state of work for the Càsoro teatro lab. The graph will demonstrate the degree of advancement in the various areas involved in the project. The accompanying text will contain the latest updates, from the most recent to the oldest.

Progress - graph


  • 12.2019: Building permit request submitted
  • 09.2019: Realization of project presentation video with Claudia Lombardi, Paolo Duca, Sebastien Reuille, Simon Waldvogel and architect Lorenzo Felder
  • 03.2019: Beginning of fund-raising campaign
  • 12.2018: Establishment of the Foundation in Lugano-Figino
  • 10.2018: Property ownership transferred from the former Hostel
  • 08.2018: The beginning of project Càsoro teatro lab, initial phase of planning
  • 05.2018: The former hostel of Lugano-Figino is put up for sale. Negotiations begin for its purchase