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The idea - A unique project in Switzerland

An old villa, that will be renovated and whose park with its centuries-old trees will be preserved. Fattoria Maselli - once a magnificent manor house built at the beginning of the 1800s, which over the following two centuries has undergone several interventions whose memory has been lost - will be converted into a centre of culture that will give it a new splendor, while maintaining its exterior appearance.

A new Foundation, brimming with ideas and projects aiming to give new vitality to the emerging and/or independent theatre scene.

The meeting between these two entities gave shape to a desire to unite them in one grand vision.

Càsoro teatro lab will be a creation and residence centre open all year round; located on the North-South axis of Switzerland; with an attentive eye on the local scene, but also looking beyond cantonal and national borders.

Such was the start of the project Càsoro teatro lab, which intends to be a meeting place of art and culture, where projects, ideas and works can be created, developed and realized and where accessibility for everybody to creation and hospitality is promoted, removing barriers both physical - architecturally - and mental. A place which aims to become a reference point for contemporary theatre at a national and international level, as well as a desired site for cultural tourism.

Due to the Covid 19 epidemic and the resulting blockade of all shows, the future of young professionals is particularly uncertain today. Our project therefore represents an important impulse to safeguard art in general and theatre in particular.

These are the fundamental ingredients of Càsoro teatro lab, a project which gives new life to this historic building.




Càsoro teatro lab is pursuing numerous objectives within the cultural, social and tourism worlds.

1)  Culture: the theatre, which will be built in the new wing, will allow the organization of a rich cultural programme and the realization of important events.

A foyer on the ground floor will be available for the organization of events that will further enrich the cultural offer.

From November to March the structure will be mainly occupied by theatre companies that will have rooms and halls at disposal at contained cost.

The offer will also be extended to other performing arts and artists of different disciplines, as well as writers or composers, who may request accommodation for periods of artistic creation.

2)  Community and sociality: in addition to the above-mentioned areas dedicated to the theatre and other events, the on-site bistrot and the local post agency, plus a small store selling regional products, will foster the meeting-place character for local residents as well as for b&b guests.

Càsoro teatro lab will become, in fact, the piazza for the village.

Furthermore, in compliance with the SIA 500 Swiss standard, the Càsoro teatro lab project will guarantee the accessibility of the entire structure to everyone. On the ground floor there will be lavatories for people with disabilities, while on the second floor there will be a specially equipped room. The elevator will connect all floors, while wheelchair ramps will be created to allow access to all the spaces on the ground floor. There will be dedicated parking spaces too.

The Foundation also plans to set up partnerships with associations or foundations that deal with people with disabilities to create protected jobs.

3)  Tourism: between April and October the b&b will mainly host tourists, who will be able to rent rooms with or without breakfast. Guests will have the possibility to use the kitchen and the living room on the first floor to prepare their meals. This will be a significant advantage in choosing the structure where to spend their own holidays.

The rooms, from one to four beds, are modular and designed to meet the needs of different targets of guests (families, groups of friends, couples, business men or women, etc.).

In addition to the b&b, the structure will have 4 multipurpose rooms of different sizes, intended for the so-called MICE tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events) and the F&B will be ensured on site by staff specially hired for the occasion.

At Càsoro teatro lab it will be possible to stay all year round. 

This combination of cultural and touristic offer will make it possible to reach a high occupancy rate both in summer and winter, thus meeting the needs of Swiss tourists to enjoy new types of hospitality and to live a unique experience of "mixed use" in contact with artists.

The aggregation of artists and tourists will also generate new ways of social cohesion useful for the personal growth of everybody.


Càsoro teatro lab STARTS WITH YOU!

We wish that Càsoro teatro lab becomes the project of everyone, so that the final result reflects a common consensus based on the shared values of culture, creativity, community, sharing, hospitality, exchange and inclusion.

Among the ways to participate:

•  Contact us for information, comments or suggestions

•  Become a volunteer to assist at events

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• Become a member of the Associazione Amici di Càsoro, Friends of Càsoro Association

•  Participate at Foundation events and bring friends and acquaintances to Càsoro

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