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Càsoro teatro lab is a visionary project which is being realized thanks to the team of the Fondazione Claudia Lombardi per il teatro and the architects Lorenzo Felder and Pia Meuli. Here is a synthesis of what awaits us in the future.


Càsoro teatro lab will include

Ground Floor

• a bistrot/cafeteria with the local post agency of Lugano-Figino and a small store selling local products

• the reception area for the b&b

• Foundation Offices

• a multi-use event room with direct access to the adjoining park

First Floor

• two multipurpose or rehearsal rooms of 60 m2 each

• leisure rooms, kitchen for artists and dining room

Second Floor

• 8 b&b rooms from 1 to 4 beds


Third Floor

• 5 b&b rooms from 1 to 4 beds


New Addition

The new wing, which will rise from the back of the building, is planned to have a glass foyer at the entrance level, with a coat check, ticket office and bar; the first floor will have a hall with 60/80 seat capacity for use as a theatre, or for meetings and conferences.


The park

And for the outside of the building? The careful renovation of the principal building is as important to us as the conservation of the surrounding park and its centuries-old trees, as it is all a part of the history of the place and of all of those who have stayed here, from a family home to 70 years of use as a youth hostel, and we do not want to lose that legacy.

We are as much a proponent of culture as we are of nature. Taking care of that which we love means respecting the environment and contributing to a healthy development. Thanks to our project which is dedicated to the enhancement of our verdant property, we will continue to be immersed in a blooming garden and will be offering products adhering to the concept of zero kilometer.


The architects currently are developing renovation plans for the property, while the Foundation staff works on financing. The opening is expected for approximately September 2022.

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Lorenzo Felder, Architect

After receiving his diploma in Locarno, he studied architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich and Lausanne with Luigi Snozzi and Flora Ruchat Roncati. After working in Bern, Zurich, Milan and Chicago, he returned to Lugano to work with the architecture studio of Aurelio Galfetti, subsequently opening his own studio in Lugano. He has been a professor at the Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio and editor of the Rivista Tecnica. He has taken on a variety of roles with the Federazione Architetti Svizzeri, Federation of Swiss Architects. He currently is working on a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice.

Pia Meuli, Architect

After her diploma in Bellinzona, she studied architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich with Mario Campi. Once her studies were concluded, she opened her own architecture studio in Muralto, subsequently moving to Ascona. She works for private clients. She is collaborating with Lorenzo Felder on the Càsoro teatro lab project. She currently is doing advanced studies in bio-ecological construction.